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From 13/01/2018 until 21/01/2018


USD 2250 per trip

Beijing, China

Travel with purpose to China for Lebanese Participants

A personal transformation trip to China

This interactive and dynamic journey to China uses a mixture of creative and critical thinking participatory exercises, going out of your comfort zone and cultural experience.

This experience will improve your understanding of your personal journey and help you overcome creative blocks to enable personal transformation and business innovation to happen.

This trip includes:

Creative thinking skills, problem-solving techniques and advice on developing creative habits

Tips to help you focus your attention and overcome creative blocks

How to build your creative confidence, develop an original voice and look beyond the obvious

How we can transform ourselves, our businesses and society through human creativity

Practical exercises with opportunity for feedback, questions and discussion

Going out of your comfort zone by challenging yourself to do things for the first time

Learning and growing in an international setting

Discovering Beijing main sites and exploring creative thinking through culture, industries, innovation and daily activities

We often discover new things about ourselves when were in unusual situations, or facing new challenges. Our reactions or responses to new environments, new people, or new activities out of our comfort zone can help us understand how we deal with some of the more familiar aspects of our lives. However, rather than waiting for new experiences to arrive, it can be really valuable to look for them proactively.

Join us for this exciting journey in China.

*In order to get the most out of this experience we are limiting this trip to 12 participants.